Melissa Passons

Hello! I'm a photographer based in Nashville, TN. I have two adorable, tumble weed, fur ball cats and a pretty adorable husband as well.

My main areas of focus are wedding, elopement, engagement, and lifestyle photography. I grew up doing film photography with the guidance of my mom and her Canon A1. It impacted my editing style so much with digital that I continue to edit in a natural film style still.

The way I run my business is that people come first. My love and passion for photography continues to grow because of the amazing people I get to work with. I love capturing the sweet special moments between a couples, the light in the eyes of a model, or the intimate connection between two individuals in love. Capturing those moments that exist for only a few short seconds is why I do what I do.

The love and happiness shared in these sessions is incredible and I find myself smiling even while I edit the photos! My goal is to make each couples photos unique to them and capture the love they share for one another.

I would love to chat with you to see how I can help make your special day perfect!

My Top Six!

(If you scrolled through all of that and just want some quick touch points about me here you go!)

  1. I love animals. When an animal is around I want to pet, play, photograph with it while talking in a high pitched baby voice because I can’t contain all the cuteness. haha!

  2. My cat Poe (pictured a lot above) is the love of my life, second only to my super cute husband, Travis.

  3. My husband and I have known each other since 2008 and have been inseparable close friends since then. We married in 2015 in Memphis, TN and had our honeymoon in Disney World (because its amazing!!). We are both silly and love making each other laugh way too much. He inspires me to work harder and encouraged me to start my photography business and helps so much with it. (Like this beautiful site he designed for me!)

  4. I love to travel. If I could only come home to repack my bag I would. I want to see as much of the world as I can and photograph it all.

  5. I listen to a lot of music. Surf Rock, Punk, Pop, Synth-wave, Acoustic, Alternative, etc. I really enjoy discovering new music, checking out new bands, going to shows, and photographing them.

  6. I love my clients. If it wasn’t for the amazing people I work with I couldn’t do what I do. I get as excited about their weddings as they do. I want to hear their stories about how they meet and how they fell in. I want to hear about their lives, their pets, and their passions so I can bring all that together to capture them perfectly for their day.